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If you are interested in reading about childhood memories or the Parish of Shaugh, this could be the book for you.

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The Book of Shaugh Parish

‘It’s a Shaugh thing’

 By Don Balkwill

Front Cover



Old postcards of Shaugh Prior, Shaugh Bridge, Wotter and Lee Moor. Situated on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon, England.


More photographs of the Parish can be found here


This is not a history of Shaugh Parish,  it is an unashamedly nostalgic return to the area in words and pictures from those who have lived, worked or visited there.


This book came about as a result of the interest shown in my website

Parish of Shaugh


The book of Shaugh parish is to be published by Halsgrove in October 2008, priced at £19.99. It is a large format (A4), 160 page hardback book containing over 250 historic photographs, maps drawings and other illustrations. Written and compiled with the people in mind, the book will keep our memories alive long after we are gone. A precious keepsake for anyone who lives in, or has connections to Shaugh Parish.

Personal memories contributed by;

Betty Norton, Bob Burns, Brian Willis, Celia Milne, Christine Bryan, David Naylor, David Tyrrell, David Tyrrell-Collins, Fred Winzor, Jeffrey Kellaway, Jill Sharpe, Joyce Butcher, Joyce Horsley, Justine Elder, Laurence Gibson, Len Webb, Linda Chatt, Malcolm Clarke, Malcolm Norman, Margaret Anstis, Margaret Blowey, Michael Waldron, Peter Ashton, Phil Kerswell, Rosalind May, Rosemary Harrison, Sarah Hugo, Ron Ayers, , Sue Robinson, Susan Lyons, Tracey and Norman May and myself.

Memories of those no longer with us;

Arthur D. Selleck, Gladdy Northmore, Jeffery Jones and Stan Brown.

Photographs, drawings and factual material supplied by;

Brian Pundsack, Brian Willis, Bryan & Sue Pullyblank, Chris Titchener, Daniella Fry, David Andrew, Eddie Faulkner, Elaine & Roger Smerdon, Graham Eagle, Hazel Adams, David Tyrrell-Collins, John Partridge, Joyce Butcher, Laurence Gibson, Linda Chatt, Margaret Anstis, Margaret Blowey, Mark Howe, Margaret Hugill, Margaret Roberts, Maureen Cook, Mrs R.J. Johnson, Mrs S.L.Richardson, Peter Ashton, Rachel Rayers, Ron Ayers, Rosalind May, Sam Fry, Steve Roberts, Sue Robinson, Susan Lyons, Tracey and Norman May, William Daw.


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