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Memories of Childhood

If you are interested in reading about childhood memories or the Parish of Shaugh, this could be the book for you.

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Sharing your Memories



Why don't you write about your early life? Your grandchildren will appreciate it.


Memory Joggers.

The following topics are not meant to be headings, they are designed to concentrate your mind on certain times and places and hopefully rekindle forgotten memories. The list is not in any particular order and is not exhaustive. There may be totally different situations you remember so write about them as well.


 Try to make your stories as descriptive as possible. If you talk about objects or items that are no longer in general use, describe how they worked and what they were used for, so that the children of tomorrow will be able to build up a picture in their minds and visualise what you are talking about.


The topics you could write about are;


  • Going to school 
  • Teachers
  • Best friends
  • Games you played
  • Where you played
  • Getting into scrapes
  • Memories of parents/grandparents
  • Favourite relatives
  • Favourite sweets
  • Favourite foods/school dinners/meals
  • Memories of holidays/outings
  • Pets
  • Memories of Christmas
  • Girlfriends/boyfriends


ALTERNATIVELY If you are an aspiring or budding writer, and you know someone who may have interesting memories why not write down their memories down for them.


Make sure those precious memories live on!





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